ISO 21500:2021 Certification

ISO 21500:2021 Certification
A project is a temporary arrangement made to create a unique product, service or any desired results.  A project is said to be temporary because it has a start and end date along with predefined scope and resources. A project is a set of special operations that are designed to accomplish a singular goal. In order to ensure that the project runs smoothly and seamlessly, there is a requirement for special skills, techniques and tools to meet the project requirements. The application of these tools and skills is termed as project managements. Good project management is important for any project and organization as it helps in improving internal communication and allows organizations to save time and money. No matter what industry is an organization involved in, there is a requirement for good and efficient project management to get desired results. To ensure effective project management, the organizations need to follow a certain set of rules and standards set by standardizing authorities such as ISO. One such standard is ISO 21500:2021.
What is ISO 21500:2021?
ISO 21500:2021 is a project program and portfolio management that helps the project managers in understanding the organizational context and concepts for conducting projects, programs and portfolio management and do it efficiently. The standard is prescribed by the ISO and specifies the environment of an organization along with external environment, implementation of strategies and integration of governance and management approaches. This standard does not actually tells how to manage a specific project but prescribes the process flow and decision making requirement that make the process of project management seamless and more efficient. The standard is applicable to any industry that undertakes project management regardless of its size or nature of work. 
Benefits of ISO 21500:2021 Project Management 
Along with ISO 21500:2021 certification, organizations get the following benefits:
• Mastering the Project management skills
• Improved project delivery
•  Better handling of shared project management processes and principles
• Better decision making with greater transparency
• Unification of professions by developing a common language and standard processes. 
• Better performance reviews
In addition to that, there is better internal communication within the environment ensuring better and faster project deliveries with minimum errors. The certification for ISO 21500:2021 can lead to increment in project success rate to a significant level. Also, it can be beneficial for individuals to get certified for ISO 21500:2021 project management as it also enhances the performance of the individual project managers with better project deliveries and enhanced project management skill which eventually helps them in bagging better jobs with higher salary packages. 
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