GS Mark Certification

GS Mark Certification
The GS Mark, which stands for “Geprüfte Sicherheit” in German and means Safety Tested, is a licensed mark of the German government. Furniture retailers and consumers are increasingly demanding products that are proven to meet safety requirements and to be of good quality. GS mark confirms that the product is safe. It includes electrical safety as well as ergonomics. The GS mark is applicable for “ready for use” products, not components or sub-assemblies. GS Mark certification enables the products to stand out from the crowd. The GS mark is a valuable aid for purchasing decisions and increases the customer’s trust and confidence. The GS mark has developed over more than twenty years into a safety mark recognized throughout the world. Technical equipment may be labeled with the GS mark if:
1. After testing a type by an authorized, independent body, the latter certifies that the product meets the safety requirements.
2. The testing and certification body monitors that only products corresponding to the 
        type and the law are placed on the market (production monitoring).
If a manufacturer meets these requirements, a GS test certificate is issued. The GS mark is based on the German Product Safety Act. GS testing integrates several product-specific national and European directives and regulations and determines whether the instructions for use are correct and complete, and ensures that all GS mark requirements are met. The short testing times associated with the GS certification allow a rapid market launch of the tested and certified products. 
The GS certificate has a high recognition value with consumers on the German and international markets and offers the customers a clear and conclusive decision-making aid. With a GS certificate, we minimize the probability of liability risks and gain a competitive edge. In particular, it informs the consumer that the appropriately marked, the ready-to-use product can be used safely and without danger as long as it is used as intended. As the GS mark can be awarded to both consumer products but also products used as work equipment, it also provides employers with a good orientation regarding their obligation to only provide work equipment to employees which is safe. The GS mark is not to be confused with the European “CE” conformity mark. The GS mark does not constitute a comprehensive quality seal for a product, it shows that it has been subjected to a prototype examination in terms of its safety and that the manufacturing process has been checked by a GS body. This does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about either the performance or the shelf life of a marked product. The GS mark is not intended only for products that are manufactured in Germany. The safety level is defined in the Product Safety Act itself. Throughout its service life, the marked product must not pose a risk to the safety or health of individuals or other possible legal interests when used under reasonably foreseeable conditions.
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