GOST Certification

GOST Certification
GOST-R Certificate is a document validating conformity of products to safety requirements outlined in national state standards. The certificate is required to permit the turnover of goods within the Russian Federation. GOST-R is also called a passport for the goods required in Russia. GOST-R is an obligatory certificate asked by Russian law which allows you to trade goods and products in their market. This certificate refers to the goods sold or used in Russia. GOST-R Certificate is the document which could be issued for the product which complies with the GOST-R standards are utilized overall CIS countries which includes Russia while GOST-R standards are valid only within the region of the Russian Federation. GOST-R certification is aimed to provide safety and high quality of products and services to consumers. This benefit of the Consumer for safety and quality is guaranteed by necessary certification of not only domestic but as well as foreign produce. Produce that opens the region of the Russian Federation and that is subjected to require certification according to the law of the Russian Federation must satisfy the terms of the Russian certification system. This certificate can be issued either for a batch of goods or on a series-production.
The products that are allowed to GOST-R certification to be sold in Russia include Electrical engineering, instrument-making, radio engineering, domestic appliances, lightning wares, watt-hour electric meters, electronic equipment, means of communication, alarm systems, domestic electrical welding equipment, raw materials, materials, substances and wares of industrial and domestic purposes, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, polymers, plastic masses and wares, petroleum-chemistry production, detergents for textile wares, stain removers, cooling liquids, oil, lubricants, inorganic chemistry production, detergents, shampoos, crockery, car, motorcycle and bicycle detergents, domestic chemistry production, cool agents, deodorant agents, thermoses, fertilizers, textile and light industry products, confectionery, sugar, chocolate, wine, vodka and other alcoholic beverages and beer.
Benefits of GOST-R Certification
• Consumer safety.
• Consumer satisfaction.
• Enhanced Quality of the product.
• It helps to enhance the brand image and market value of the company.
• Supports to reach the Russian market easily.
• The reputation of an organization increase.
• Minimise risk.
• It helps to obtain the Russian market simply.
• Prevents Wastage of resources.
• Saves cost.
• License to trade in the Russian market.
• It helps to reduce risk, defective products, and damages.
• The benefit of International stature to your product.
• Better Retailing opportunity in Russia.
• Encouragement of foreign trade.
• Demonstrate customer satisfaction through delivering consistent quality as per the customer requirement.
• Money-saving and time-saving process.
• Opens a new market for the business.
Certification GOST refers to specified products or industrial activity of the company. Certificates are issued on a base of expertise results, so products that well went through the certification process have no difficulties while registering at customs. The GOST-R mark is a mandatory certification mark for electrical products that are going to be shipped into Russia. GOST-R may be obligatory or voluntary. The obligatory certificate is required to import and sell products in the Russian federation. The voluntary certificate is intended to promote products and producers in the market in terms of sales and marketing. 
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